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Founded in 1982, Enflex has 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of HFFS machinery and boasts a unique know-how of flat pouch solutions.

In 2001 Enflex was acquired and became a brand of Volpak: together they join forces to lead the market for flexible packaging solutions.

Thanks to its proven knowledge of the health care sector, the Enflex brand is entrusted with the development of packaging lines specialized in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, wipes, and personal care products.

Why Enflex?

Why Enflex is your best partner in the Pharma & Healthcare market?

  1. Proven know-how
  2. Reliable & user-friendly solutions
  3. Pharmaceutical specialisation
  4. Sustainabilty compliance
  5. Unique warranty
Why Enflex

Curious about how Enflex can help you with its flexible packaging solutions?

Our approach to sustainability

Enflex approach to sustainability

Sustainability for us means innovating by finding less contaminant and 100% recyclable materials.

Enflex & Volpak make extensive efforts not just in developing state-of-the-art technologies, but also in studying both packaging materials and their applications.

We have developed the Pouch Lab, a unique center to study recyclable materials, their behavior, and their performance in production.

We help our customers develop sustainable flexible packaging solutions. At the PouchLab we help our customers create a more sustainable packaging solution for their products.

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