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Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal. Horizontal execution.

Horizontal machines are known as HFFS, an acronym that stands for Horizontal Form Fill & Seal.  It means that all these actions (forming, filling, and sealing the pouch) are executed horizontally.

It does work for both flat and stand-up (or doypack) pouches.

Pouches are produced bending the film in V form and then completing the process by traveling horizontally through the filling & sealing stations.

Each station is designed for one purpose: sealing, cutting, filling, closing applications.

Intermittent or continuous motion machinery

Horizontal form

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Vertical multi-lane

Vertical Multi-Lane. Faster is better.

In multilane machine technology, the sachets are produced using two layers of film, welding them vertically while they are being transported. Product is directly filled into the pouch while the machine simultaneously seals horizontally.

The multi-line technology allows the production of several bags per cycle, therefore having a high production rate. This makes it the ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical sector.

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Stick Pack Machines. The narrow solution.

The operation of stick pack machines is very similar to that of the vertical form fill seal packaging machines: a roll of film is cut and formed into multiple stick packs, the bags are filled with the product and then sealed, all in a vertical position, at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute per lane.

Stick packs machines form the sachet from a single sheet of film which they cut and roll into a tube shape before filling and sealing. This gives the stick packs their characteristic elongated shape.

Stick Pack

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Complete line

Complete lines. Don’t forget the frontage!

A cartoning machine or cartoner is a packaging machine that forms cartons: erected, closed, folded, side seamed and sealed cartons.

This type of machinery works with secondary packaging, i.e. containing one or more primary packaging (containing the product).

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