Cabecera Packaging styles

Packaging Styles

Flat pouches. Classics never die.

Flat pouches can have three or four sides sealed, regular in shape or contoured for better ergonomics or branding purposes.

These pouches are available in different materials that offer excellent product protection and environmental benefits.

The flat sachet is mainly used for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for products such as powders, granules, or wipes.

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Flat Pouches

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Reclosable Flat Pouch

Reclosable flat pouches. Control the dose.

Top cap and zipper applications with flat top allow a wide range of dispensing possibilities for pharmaceutical or healthcare products.

They offer the possibility of re-sealing the sachet once opened, thus keeping the properties of the product intact.

This type of flat pouch application allows dosing a wide variety of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, not only in powder form or pieces, but also high-density liquids.

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Stick Packs. Less is more.

Stick packs are single-dose packs characterized by small size and narrow shape, particularly appreciated for their convenience.

They are typically used for powders and granules, but occasionally also for liquids, gels, and semi-solids. This format is ideal for single-serve applications, product samples, and products that are stocked at the point of purchase at retailers.

Stick packs make the most of the space occupied by the product, allowing cost and storage savings. Ease of opening and precise serving-size make them very convenient for on-the-go consumption.

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Stick Packs

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Carton boxes

Carton boxes. Eco-friendly packaging.

Cartons are versatile packaging boxes made by folding a single sheet of paperboard (also known as cardboard) that is die-cut according to a box template.

Nowadays, consumers do their best to be responsible stewards of the planet. This means buying and using packaging made from recyclable materials such as Kraft paper.

Cartons are made with over 75% paper from sustainable sources and collected using responsible practices.

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