Enflex Sustainability

Enflex & Sustainability

Our approach to Sustainability

At Enflex, we do not only design packaging machines ready to work with sustainable materials, but we also work to find more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

In our laboratory we test the behavior of the different sustainable materials during the production environment. Thus we offer the customer the real possibility to test the materials in real production settings.

Enflex and sustainability
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Creating a better and sustainanble world together

At Enflex we are well aware of the environmental impact of packaging. Therefore, we work hard to design all our packaging solutions to generate the minimum impact possible.

Not only all our machines are prepared to work with 100% recyclable materials, but we also work to obtain cleaner production processes, with less waste generation.

Research is part of our DNA, that's why we collaborate with the main players in the packaging materials industry to find better solutions for our world.

Want to know how we can help you to have a more sustainable production?