Cabecera Our history

Our History

More than 40 years of experience


1982: Enflex starts its activity in Martorelles  (BCN). First HFFS machine for flat pouches. 

1985: Enflex adds cartoning machines to its portfolio. 

1987: First HFFS Machine for Stand Up Pouch.

1982-1987 Our History


1999: First Model Enflex F-11 W. A new concept machine. Dual lane HFFS. Compact and fast. 

2001: Enflex is acquired by Volpak. 

2008/2010: Enflex completes STD Machines portfolio. 

1999-2010 Our History


2011: Launch F-20 DX.

2013: Enflex moves to Volpak new facilities. 

2015: Enflex reaches No. 2000 machines sold worldwide.

2011-2015 Our History


2015: Launch of the F-17 Dx machine for flat pouch with top cap for cosmetic creams and toothpaste. 

2017: Develops the specific feeder for rolls of wipes into a stand-up pouch.

2021: Launch of the hygienic auger filler for pharmaceutical powders.

2015-2021 Our History