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Personal care is a growing and evolving consumer trend over the last few years: Consumers are taking care of themselves more and more.
Flexible packaging provides unique solutions given its lightweight and endless possibilities for closure and dosing applications (e.g. top lid, zippers, etc.).

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Rising consumer awareness of health care has led to new product developments (such as face masks, facial treatments, body lotions, etc.) requiring specific packaging tailored to fit the consumer's needs.

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Evolving trends in the healthcare industry require manufacturers to be flexible when it comes to production. Flexible packaging makes it possible to quickly adapt package sizes and shapes.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions. Exclusively designed for you.

Some projects will require tailor-made solutions designed just for them. Enflex has a dedicated engineering department for such special projects.

All of our experience and knowledge of packaging machinery for healthcare products are at our customers' disposal.

If you are working on a project with special needs, contact us, we can help you make it happen!