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Coesia at Achema: a single partner for all pharmaceutical industry needs

Coesia, a group of 21 companies specializing in innovative industrial and packaging solutions, is participating at Achema, an international trade fair dedicated to the process industry with manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries presenting their products for chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech research and manufacturing, (Hall 3.0 booth D73) in Frankfurt from 22 to 26 August 2022.

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Six companies from the Group - FlexLink, GF, HAPA, MGS, Norden, and Volpak, under Enflex brand - present their latest innovations in terms of packaging machinery, printing, and factory automation, which are aimed at improving production efficiency and the digitalization of operations, as well as reducing the ecological footprint of packaging for the pharmaceutical sector.

Coesia offers a complete portfolio of solutions and services for customers who are facing new market challenges, increasingly oriented toward greater sustainability and the digitization of processes in the Pharma sector.

In particular, Coesia is progressively focusing on digital tools and services to optimize the efficiency of machines, lines, and entire factories, and deliver advanced support to customers.

The latest Coesia Digital innovations are:

  • OptiMate, Coesia’s new smart HMI, was developed to expedite operations such as format change, troubleshooting, maintenance or technician training, and to facilitate access to guided procedures and digital documentation directly on the machine. OptiMate has been installed and is visible on Hapa and Enflex (a brand of Volpak) solutions at the Coesia booth. 

  • PerforMate, Coesia’s IIoT platform for real-time machine monitoring. Working as an entry point to many innovative services, PerforMate allows improved control, enhanced collaboration, and performance boost of customers’ entire machine pool.

Sustainability remains one of the fundamental pillars of Coesia’s strategy. Indeed, the majority of the machines on display are able to handle sustainable materials, such as paper films or mono-materials. The Coesia Shelf of Sustainable Solutions, present at our stand, is dedicated to sustainability and eco-sustainable packaging offered by the Coesia companies in the Pharma industry. 

The six Coesia companies joining the exhibition: 

  • Enflex, a Volpak brand, is presenting the F-11, a machine that manufactures, fills, and seals flat flexible pouches specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The F-11 is suitable for packaging a wide range of products, such as pharmaceutical powders, pills, medical devices, over-the-counter medicines, wipes, and swabs. The machine on display has a new design that provides protection and improved accessibility to operators, ensuring the use of sustainable mono-materials instead of common plastics. The F-11 is equipped with a new dosing system to meet high levels of hygiene. 

  • The experts at FlexLink, a leading company in the field of automated manufacturing and material flow solutions, are on hand to discuss how industrial automation can improve high-value pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and increase the efficiency of medical packaging. FlexLink's X45 conveyor system is designed for high throughputs that require special attention and offers several functions. This system is suitable for handling small and fragile products in production or laboratory environments. Typical products for this application are vials, ampoules, samples, and cosmetics.

  • GF, an expert in turnkey solutions for the primary packaging of injectable drugs in vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes, and bottles, presents the AV-E inspection machine: fully automated and developed to treat vials, bottles, and cartridges filled with injectable solutions and lyophilized products. It is the ideal solution for meeting the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ensuring that the products are essentially free of foreign particles. GF supports customers in facing new challenges and in improving efficiency and quality of service through its extensive network of experienced technicians around the world, a complete portfolio of products and services, and the continuous development of modern and customized solutions.

  • Hapa showcases two solutions that offer printing and inspection capabilities integrated on the same machine through a common workflow. This innovation substantially reduces the time spent on system integration and validation. The inspection function has been introduced into two product lines: the H382, which is the global industry standard for inline printing on blister lidding foils and which has been updated for Smart Factories, and the Web 4.0 5D, which brings digital efficiency to CMYK artwork printing, including variable data and serialized codes.

  • The technicians and experts at MGS, a Coesia Company that designs and manufactures customized and cutting-edge packaging solutions in the Life Science sector, are available to show customers and visitors how to solve unique packaging challenges and achieve seamless production. With key competencies in product handling, secondary packaging, and machine integration, MGS supports a huge variety of life science projects and supports customers in navigating ever-changing regulatory, competitive, and sustainability factors.

  • Norden, a leader in the supply of high-performance systems for tube filling as well as cartoning, offers numerous machine models and various technologies to meet every production need. At the stand, it is possible to delve into Norden's solutions portfolio, designed to enhance production efficiency in an increasingly dynamic market. 

The Coesia Group:

Coesia is a group of 21 companies specializing in highly innovative industrial and packaging solutions based in Bologna, Italy. Coesia Companies are leaders in the fields of advanced automatic machines, packaging materials, industrial process solutions and precision gears. Coesia's customers operate in a wide range of sectors in the market, such as aerospace, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, automotive, tobacco, consumer and luxury goods. 

Have a look at the Enflex F-11 machine exhibited at Achema 2022!

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4.2 Purposes. Coesia Group processes Personal Data for the following purposes, as specified in the table here in below, in which is furthermore highlighted (a) if an express consent to processing of Personal Data is needed (or not ) as well as (b) the period of data retention:



Data retention

A) Processing of personal data in order to reply to queries concerning the company activities

Not required

Until the purpose is achieved

B)    Processing of personal data in order to send newsletters, promotional and advertising and/or other materials for marketing communication purposes by Coesia Group’s companies


Until the withdrawal of consent or until a denial has been communicated

Processing of personal data in order to send to customers email marketing communications, concerning Coesia Group’s services or products similar to those already supplied, by virtue of previous business relationship (“soft spam”), unless a communication to refuse or unsubscribe from marketing (“opt out”) has been made by said customers, according to applicable laws.

Not required

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4.3 Optional/Mandatory supply of Personal Data. Subject to what specified above, the provision of Personal Data is optional and free. However, failure to provide Personal Data may prevent Data Subjects from receiving communications and/or replies to their queries concerning the company activities.

5. Persons in charge of the processing and processors

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5.2 Processors. The Coesia Group may designate as processors entities/individuals for the purposes described above. The complete list of all processors may be required by Data Subjects to the Coesia Group, by sending an email to the email address

6. Method of processing, storage of Personal Data and security measures

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6.3 Transfer of Personal Data. Personal Data may be transferred in order to achieve the purposes described above to Coesia Group acting as joint-controllers, whether they are located in EU or in third countries outside the EU, provided however that in the latter case, the transfer of Personal Data as above specified shall be made subject to the Coesia Group’s assessment of full compliance with the provisions of chapter V of the GDPR and in particular with article 49.1 B).

6.4 Dissemination of Personal Data. Personal Data will not be disseminated.

7. Data Subjects’ rights

7.1 Rights. Data Subjects, when they are individual/natural persons, may directly address to the Company or the processor/s designated by the same in order to enforce their rights according to provisions of National Data Protection Laws and to the GDPR (articles 15 and subsequent articles), and, in particular, to have access to their own Personal Data, obtain updating and rectification or erasure of the same, restriction of processing, as well as obtain data portability by sending an email to the email address or, with specific regard to the newsletter, by clicking the “unsubscribe” button or following the instructions published on the Website.

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7.3 Complaint. The above notwithstanding, according to article 77 of the GDPR, Data Subjects, when they are individual/natural persons, may lodge a complaint with the competent Supervisory Authority, in order to enforce their rights, as specified above.

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