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Rebuilding & Refurbishment

ENFLEX and its main branch offices around the world have specialized in machinery rebuilding over the past years. A complete rebuild is suggested for machines which have been used for more than 25,000 hours or have exceeded 10 years of service.

Rebuilding entails the following:
  • Complete disassembly of the machine
  • Repainting of casting and machine units and replacement of worn parts
  • Installation of new units
  • Replacement of size parts
  • Replacement of electric and pneumatic circuits
  • Replacement of old control cabinet with new PLC-cabinet

A complete rebuild requires:
  • Highly skilled personnel
  • Original spare parts

Knowledge of how the machinery has developed is crucial to be able to decide which new units need to be installed, which installation tools are required and how to reset the machine.

A complete upgrade guarantees:
  • Improved performance of the original machine
  • Product quality
  • Possibility to use the latest packaging materials
  • Complete and updated documentation
  • Machinery compliance with health & safety regulations in force at the individual work place/country
  • CE certification
  • Six-month warranty